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Emotional Intelligence
by Tony Cockle - Tuesday, 11 September 2012, 01:53 PM

The Institute of Leadership and Development says that "as many organisations are steering their business into unchartered territory, there is a need for leaders with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ).The 5 constructs of EQ are as follows:

  1. Self-awareness - knowing one's emotions, drivers, values and goals and using 'gut feelings' to help guide decisions
  2. Self-management - managing own disruptive emotions and impulses
  3. Managing relationships - having the social skills to move people in the desired direction in a sustainable way without high unintended staff turnover
  4. Effective decision making with empathy and caring
  5. Motivation of self and others for the short, medium and long term

I recently worked with a senior manager who failed on all 5 constructs. He is respected for his trouble shooting capabilities, passion and commitment, but can damage morale through uncontrolled vocal outbursts, anger and bullying tactics...

Are these old style managers able to improve, develop and go further or have they reached their sell-by date with their careers on a downward trajectory?

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