What is the ACT Academy?

The ACT Academy is your step-by-step guide to behavioural awareness and advanced self-management for today’s professionals in the automotive Image of flagindustry. With forums to provide continued support, ACT Academy is designed to be engaging, quick and effective.

The on-line courses will provide you with a complete methodology for managing the situations and challenges that commonly occur both at work and in life. The dynamically evolving website has been created so that members can login whenever they need inspiration or support.

Key benefits:

  • Bespoke resource to address behavioural awareness for all staff

  • Highly focused on people skills – the complex issues such as discipline, performance management and communication

  • On-line, allowing members to use it from anywhere at anytime

  • Broken down into bite-size chunks allowing users to glean valuable information in short sessions – as little as ten minutes

  • A lively forum to interact with other members/associations and share perspectives – a community of sales professionals providing an invaluable training resource, sounding board and support network.

Our aim is to offer the most comprehensive, engaging and supportive resource that is completely bespoke and specifically relevant to automotive organisations.

For more information please contact Antony Cockle on 0845 0522439 (or +44 845 0522439 if calling from outside the UK) or email ac@antonycockle.com

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